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Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't buy this!! Hard Candy Cheek Tint

Cream blushes are a great thing to use in the summer because they melt into your skin and won't appear cakey.

I purchased Hard Candy's Hide and Glow Cheek Tint from Walmart for $7.

This one is in the colour #315 "In Love". 

The two colours are quite similar; both a pink colour with subtle shimmer.

I twisted both colours all the way to the top so you can see how much product you get (not very much)

I do not recommend this product because the application of this product is not true to how it looks before you apply it. The texture is very greasy and it has almost no pigmentation. In the swatch pictured below, you will see that it does show up a little bit, but I had to apply a lot of it for the colour to show up.

If you apply enough of this product to show up, it makes your skin look greasy. If you apply just a tiny bit, it doesn't show up at all.


Product: Hard Candy's Hide and Glow Cheek Tint
Price: $7 (Walmart)
Grade: F

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