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Monday, August 22, 2011

Skin79's BB Cream

Before I purchased these two products, I had heard a lot about BB Creams and how apparently amazing they were. I searched many different websites before coming across Skin79's website. I chose this website because it is based in the U.S. (less shipping time than buying from overseas) and because I watched reviews on YouTube about their products and service.

What is a BB Cream? 'BB' stands for 'blemish balm' and I read somewhere that it was originally developed for burn victims. As for Skin79's BB Cream (as it's the only one I've tried so far) I would describe it as a moisturizer with some coverage that may be slightly lighter/darker than your complexion. It is a bit grey at first but oxides after you apply it. The finished appearance makes me look paler and I often mix foundation with the BB Cream to make it a better match for my skin tone.

The Super Plus Triple Functions BB Cream claims to whiten (lighten dark spots on the face), protect the skin from UV rays with SPF 25 and treat wrinkles. I purchased it for $29.00 on the Skin79 website.

Here is what it looks like on my skin:

On the left is a thick application of the product so you can see the actual colour of it. On the right is has been blended out so you can see what it looks like with a thin application.

I like to use this product in the summer as it is a moisturizer and a sunscreen so I don't have to put several different products on my face. 

I also purchased the Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream ($23.00) which also came with a free gift (pictured below). I had the misfortune of losing the free gift while I was moving, so that it why it doesn't appear in this review. (Though I thought it was a good product!)

The main purpose of this BB Cream is to provide all the benefits of a BB Cream (SPF, whitening, etc) but also to give the skin some radiance. It is also oil-free which is good for those with oily/combination skin. Here is what it looks like:

On the left is a thick application of the product and on the right it has been blended out.

You'll notice that the colour is the same as the Super Plus BB Cream, but has some shimmer in it. The photo doesn't do the shimmer justice though as in person, the shimmer is extremely noticeable. You'll also notice that when it is blended out, water droplets appear and I suppose that's why it is called "Water Drop". These water droplets quickly evaporate as you continue to blend it into your skin.

I don't completely dislike this product, but the large amount of shimmer results in me not using this product very often. If I do, I just add a tiny amount to the Super Plus to give a bit of radiance. 

I give the Super Plus BB Cream a B because although it has many beneficial properties, it needs the help of a foundation to make it the right colour for it.

I give the Water Drop BB Cream a C because of the large amount of shimmer in the product (and also because it requires the help of a foundation). 


Product: Skin79's BB Creams (Super Plus, Water Drop)
Price: $29/$23
Grade: B/C

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