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Saturday, September 3, 2011

E.L.F.'s Cream Eyeshadows (Studio Line)

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Yesterday, I posted a blog about E.L.F.'s Duo Cream Eyeshadow from their Essentials Line, and today I'm going to review their Cream Eyeshadows from their Studio Line. Everything from their Studio Line (including these Cream Eyeshadows) are $3 and I tend to buy items from this line when they are having a 50% off Studio Sale (items are then $1.50 each).

In my experience, the products from the Studio Line rival those of high-end products.

I purchased all four of the colours they had at the time, but they have since released a few more colours which I will review soon.

Colours (left to right): Eggplant, Bronzed, Dawn, Candlelight

These eyeshadows have a great texture, but they are not as richly pigmented as the Duo ones from their Essentials Line. However, this doesn't mean they aren't as good. They have a 'drier' texture than the Duo ones and so they will last longer on your eyelids. They also have a lot more shimmer in them.

I think these are more wearable eyeshadows than the Duo ones as they don't crease as easily (but will eventually crease), so if you only need a wash of colour for a little while, they are great. However, they will need to be set with a powder eyeshadow if you want them to last a long time, so in this case, they make a great coloured base.

My favourite is the Bronzed one because it is the most pigmented of all of them and I tend to use neutral colours most.

I'm glad that they came out with more colours, and although they are not as bright as the Duo ones, I think they last longer and can be worn on their own.


Product: E.L.F.'s Cream Eyeshadow
Price: $3 (
Grade: B+

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