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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Femme Couture Baked Eye Colour: Marble

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A while ago, I reviewed Femme Couture's Mineral Effects Baked eyeshadow duos and today I'll be reviewing a similar product of theirs, but this is one of their marbled baked eyeshadows. You can purchase these from Sally Beauty Supply for $7.99 or $6.79 if you're a Beauty Club member.

Colour: Downtown Brown

I've only purchased one of these so far, and I purchased it in Downtown Brown, but many other colours are available and you can check them out by clicking here. You can see that the one pictured above has many colours swirled throughout it to created the 'marble' effect. If you only like one of the colours, it's probably best not to buy this because you would have to use a precise brush to only pick up that colour and it might end up being a lot of work.

Colour: Downtown Brown
 You can see above that there are small patches of each other. The intended way to use these is to swirl your brush in different areas, mixing the colours together, and in doing this, you may get slightly different colours depending on where you swirl your brush. And as mentioned previously, using a precise/small brush will enable you to pick up one of the colours alone.

I swirled the colours together and this is the colour I ended up with:

Mixture of colours from Downtown Brown
You can see that by mixing all the colours together, the end result is close to the dark brown colour that you can see in the marble effect. 

Although I do like the texture of these eyeshadows (smooth, but not creamy) and the pigmentation, I don't think the marble effect is very practical just because the colours aren't separate and this becomes a problem if you only want to use one of the colours.

However, this is great if you are curious to see how many different colours you can create from one marble eyeshadow.


Product: Femme Couture's Mineral Effects Baked Eye Colour (Marble) in Downtown Brown
Price: ~$7-8 (Sally Beauty Supply)
Grade: B

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