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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEW Fall Scents from Bath & Body Works!

I was walking around a mall in Mississauga the other day (Square One) with my sister, and we smelled something amazing as we walked in. It smelled like dessert to us, and we followed the scent to Bath & Body Works.

The front displays all featured their new fall candle scents! They had a few deals on, and I decided to take advantage of them.

We started smelling all of the new scents and most of them are dessert based. The scents feature apples and baking, warm drinks and outdoor fall aromas.

While we were in there, they started burning a candle called Marshmallow Fireside. While I had already chosen what candles I was going to purchase, I made a mental note to pick that one up one I had used up these ones.

I've never tried their candles before, so I decided to buy the smaller candles.

Slatkin & Co. Candles in Mint Chocolate (left) and Apple Crumble (right)

These two 1.6oz candles were 2/$5 and they burn for 10-12 hours, but they recommend burning them for 4 hours at a time because the container is a hard plastic and could melt if left burning for too long. 

The scents are amazing! They smell exactly like how they are named. Once you light them, it only takes a couple of minutes before you can notice the scent.

Slatkin & Co. Candles in Homemade Cookies (left) and Caramel Apple (right)
The candles pictured above are each 4oz and burn for 25-40 hours. They are in glass containers, so they can be left burning for longer periods of time (as long as they aren't left unattended!).

Of the two of them, the Caramel Apple has the stronger scent (to me, anyways). My sister was obsessed with the Homemade Cookies one, while I couldn't really smell it very well, so it all depends on your own personal sense of smell. Though after burning it, I could detect a slight scent of vanilla.

I think these candles are great! I really love sweet-smelling candles because they remind me of my mom's baking.

I recommend checking these candles out, especially if they have some sort of deal going on. If you're not sure about how you'll like these candles, try purchasing the smaller ones first (almost all of the scents come in smaller sizes), that way you will save yourself some money. The 14.5oz candles are the largest size they have and cost $22.50 in Canada and $19.50 in the U.S.

For a list of all the scents I mentioned, plus more, click here.


Product: Bath and Body Works' New Fall Candles
Price: $3.50-22.50 (Bath and Body Works)
Grade: A

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