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Monday, September 26, 2011

Quo: Smokey Eye Shadow Palette

Another great makeup product from a Shopper's Drug Mart brand!

Today I am reviewing Quo's Smokey Eye Shadow Palette. I got this for $25 at Shopper's Drug Mart. I used my Optimum Points (reward points) to get this palette, which is great because $25 is a bit pricey.

I really like the packaging of this palette; it's shiny and sleek and isn't bulky at all. 

Opening it up, you can see that there is a nice mirror inside, some sponge-tip applicators and eight colours. They don't have individual names, but the golden colour that is second from the left is actually a cream eyeshadow/eyeliner.

The eyeshadows are soft and pigmented and easy to blend. I find this to be the case with a lot of Quo's eyeshadows, and they are very comparable to MAC eyeshadows. This palette also reminds me of the Kat von D eyeshadow palettes, which I will be reviewing soon.

Although the texture of the cream eyeshadow is nice, I think this palette could have benefited more from having a dark metallic brown cream eyeshadow because it would also work as an eyeliner. To me, eyeliners are most effective when they are darker so they can enhance your eyelashes, though bright ones are great as well for providing colour. 

I think that because this palette is a smokey palette, a darker cream eyeshadow/eyeliner would have made more sense. However, it is the only cream eyeshadow that I have that richly pigmented with gold, so I can't complain too much :)

Here are the swatches, in the order of how they appear in the palette:

They were all swatched without a primer, so you can see just how pigmented they are!

I recommend this palette if you're looking for great quality eye shadows that will last a long time over a primer and won't fade throughout the day. I've compared Quo eyeshadows to MAC ones before, and this holds true with this palette. Although $25 can seem like a lot, you would end up spending much more if you bought eight MAC eye shadows.

This also comes in a blue palette, pictured below:

From Beauty Crazed's website

Product: Quo's Smokey Eye Shadow Palette
Price: $25 (Shopper's Drug Mart-Canada)
Grade: B+

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