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Saturday, September 10, 2011

MAC Paint Pots: Rubenesque, Painterly, Let Me Pop

I've recently started collecting MAC Paint Pots due to their popularity on blogs and on YouTube. I bought all three of them at the MAC store ($20 each), but they can also be purchased online. Basically, they are a cream product that are traditionally used on the eyes as an eyeshadow. They do not crease (at least for a few hours), so they can be used as an eyeshadow if you don't have much time. They are most often used as a primer underneath powder eyeshadow to make it last longer, and also as an eyeshadow colour base to make your eyeshadows stand out more.

I purchased them in these three shades, Rubenesque, Painterly and Let Me Pop. I wanted Rubenesque first, but MAC was out of stock, so I was advised to get Let Me Pop as it was very close to it. The main difference between the two is that Let Me Pop has a ton of shimmer in it, which isn't exactly what I wanted.

Here are some swatches:

Colours (left to right): Let Me Pop, Painterly, Rubenesque

You can see that due to the flash on my camera, the shimmer in Let Me Pop is all that showed up. In person, Let Me Pop is basically Rubenesque with a ton of gold shimmer in it. Painterly, in contrast, is matte and closely matches my skin tone, making it a great base/primer to use if you want your eyeshadows to remain true to their colour, but stand out a little more.

I really love the packaging as well. They come in round, clear glass pots that have a good weight to them. They also contain a good amount of product that will last a long time. These products dry over time, like any cream product, but rather than throwing them out, you can easily revive these products. I'll be doing a blog post on that soon.

Overall, MAC Paint Pots are a great product!


Product: MAC's Paint Pots
Price: $20 (MAC stores,
Grade: A

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