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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Claire's: Body Art Crayons

This is a review of the Body Art Crayons from Claire's, and part of my Jumbo Eye Pencil Review Series.

I was in Claire's a few months ago and kept looking at these Body Art Crayons, but I remained skeptical about them until I saw them on clearance. They were normally around $12 for the set, but I found them for 50% off. I picked up both the Brights set and the Metallic set. Each set came with 6 Crayons (though in the photo below, I am missing one on the right-hand side. I am missing a matte black, but it looks similar to the glittery black one in the set).

The six on the right are from the Brights set and the five on the left are from the Metallic set. They do not have individual names.

Swatches of the Metallic set. Note: I am missing a matte black, but it looks the same as the glittery black on the left, but without the glitter.

Swatches of the Brights set

I really like these Crayons. They are surprisingly pigmented and creamy, but I think they could have benefitted from being in a 'twist-up' form. In the first photo, you can see my purple pencil is considerably shorter than the rest. It lost that much product from being sharpened ONCE. Some of the product fell out when I sharpened it the first time so I had to continue sharpening.

I also really love the smell of these. They smell really fruity, almost like a citrus-berry scent.

You only need a tiny amount on your eyelids to get a great base coat. Even a thin layer is richly pigmented with most of these crayons.

They are intended to be used on your body, and you can see from the swatches that they show up really well on the skin!

At full-price, they would out to be around $2.00 per pencil, but I got them on sale for half of that! So I only paid about $1 for each individual crayon. That's a pretty good deal!

These are great dupes for NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencils which I will be reviewing soon, and they cost about a third of the price!


Product: Body Art Crayons from Claire's
Price: ~$12 for a set of six
Grade: A
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