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Thursday, October 6, 2011

GOSH: Trio Eye Shadow

This is my second review of a GOSH product (check out my first one here).

This trio is perfect if you want some really basic, matte shades. However, I think this trio is discontinued as I can't find this on their website and I purchased this on clearance at Shopper's Drug Mart. However, I hope that this review will help you decide if you want to try GOSH cosmetics in general, or just to give you an idea of what their matte eyeshadows are like.
Colour: TR2 Smoky

This trio is called TR2 Smoky, and on their website, the trios are labelled similarly (with a 'TR' then a number), but TR2 specifically is not listed. You can view the available colours here.

These matte shades are very pigmented and very matte, though if you look closely, you can see the smallest amount of shimmer has been added to the matte formula. However, I find the colours to be average and I don't think I would have bought this trio if it wasn't on sale. They are really nicely textured though and they apply very well. I like to use the tan shade as a blending colour if I'm using neutral shades.

Here are the swatches:

Overall, it's a good palette, but the colours aren't anything special. I imagine other GOSH palettes would be nice too and are worth trying out if you've never tried GOSH cosmetics before, but I would only recommend similar palettes of theirs if the colours were unique, or if they offer colours you're looking for. The formula of the eyeshadows (at least in this palette) is great, however.


Product: GOSH's Trio Eye Shadow in TR2 Smoky
Price: ~$16 (Shopper's Drug Mart, GOSH website)
Grade: TR2 Smoky colours: B-   Product Grade (aside from colours): B+
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