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Monday, October 17, 2011

NEW from Annabelle: Tie-Dye Eyeshadows!

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Annabelle is a makeup company that is available at most Canadian drug stores, WalMart Canada and various other stores in Canada.

I saw a new display at Shopper's Drug Mart today and saw that Annabelle has released their new Winter 2011 line called Gypsyland. A fellow Canadian blogger has posted a picture showing the rest of the Winter 2011 line.

I picked up two of the Tie-Dye Eyeshadows for $9.99 each.

You can see that these eyeshadows have a spotted effect in the middle, which I assume is the "Tie-Dye" portion of these eyeshadows. You'll notice a small blurry spot on the bottom of the lid, and that is from the sticker that held it closed.

I got them in the colours Woodshock (gold/bronze) and Piece & Love (Deep Purple)

Colour: Piece & Love
The centre of this eyeshadow contains spots of pink, copper and a very light pink colour.
Colour: Woodshock
The middle contains spots of bronze, a peachy-pink colour and a light white-gold colour.

Colours (left to right): Piece & Love over a primer, Piece & Love without a primer, Woodshock over a primer and Woodshock without a primer

These are swatches of all the spots in the middle mixed together.
Left to right: Piece & Love over a primer, Piece & Love without a primer, Woodshock over a primer, Woodshock without a primer

The texture of the solid colours in each of these eyeshadows is different from that of the spots in the middle. The spots in the middle are a lot smoother and easy to blend, while the solid colour on the sides is more difficult to pick up with a brush.

I think $9.99 is a bit much to be charging for these eyeshadows because they are not as great as they could be. Though the centre colours are wonderful, they only make up a third of the entire product. I think these eyeshadows should be no more than $5. If they were entirely made of the colours in the middle, then $9.99 would be an acceptable price.

You can tell from the photos above that the colours are more intense when used over a primer (as with most eyeshadows in general). These definitely need to be worn over a primer so that you can get the same colour intensity as seen in the pan.

Out of the two, I like Woodshock the best because of its consistency (it's a bit smoother than Piece & Love).


Product: Annabelle's Tie-Dye Eyeshadows in Woodshock and Piece & Love
Price: $9.99 (Shopper's Drug Mart)
Grade: B-
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