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Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Review Series: Jumbo Eye Pencils

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One of my favourite types of eyeshadow bases are jumbo eye pencils. In this review series, I'll be reviewing the various brands I have collected so far and whether or not I think they are worth the money.

Eyeshadow bases are creamy in texture and are often very pigmented. They provide a base for your eyeshadow to stick to and also enhance the colour of your eyeshadow. For example, applying a black eyeshadow base to your eyelids and placing a black eyeshadow on top will make the eyeshadow more intense as the particles become absorbed by the creamy base. You can also alter the colour of an eyeshadow by placing a base that is a different colour. For example, by placing a white eyeshadow over a black base, you will achieve a grey colour.

All of these jumbo eye pencils should be applied in a thin layer so as to avoid creasing. They should also be applied over a primer. Most of these jumbo eye pencils need to be worth with both a primer and a powder/pressed/loose eyeshadow on top.

Here is a picture of all the jumbo eye pencils that I have collected. They are all very affordable, so though it may look like a lot, they didn't cost a lot of money! I'll be including prices of each of these pencils/sets.

Prices of these pencils range from $0.90 - $2.50 each (with a few exceptions)
 My first review will be on the brands which I have only purchased a few jumbo eye pencils from. These brands are:

  • ACO (from Ardene in Canada)
  • Sephora
  • Bonne Bell
  • Wet N Wild

Brands (left to right): ACO, ACO, Sephora #506, Bonne Bell (Bronze Shimmer), Wet N Wild (Techno), Wet N Wild (Pixie)

First two: ACO, Second two: Wet N Wild, Fifth: Sephora, Sixth: Bonne Bell
ACO is a brand which can be purchased at Ardene in Canada (an accessories and clothing store). They come in a package of two. I have only seen the grey and purple duo and a black and white duo. You can purchase this package for $3 (each eyeliner works out to be $1.50 each). I wasn't impressed with the grey colour. It's consistency is a bit too hard, but this is because it is meant to be used as an eyeliner. The consistency of the purple is a little softer, but the colour payoff is amazing! My only problem is that because it is a jumbo eye pencil, it will create thicker lines, which is a problem when lining your eyes (unless that is the effect you are going for). I think these are worth trying out. Ardene often has a 2/$6 sale on their makeup, so you can try some of their stuff out and not spend a lot of money. Grade: A+ (purple) and C (grey).

Wet N Wild Idol Eyes jumbo pencils are much creamier than the ACO eyeliners. They are about $2.50 (depending on where you get them) and can be found in most drug stores. The one I have in the colour Pixie (champagne colour) is shorter than the one in Techno because I have used it quite a bit. Techno needs to be worked with a bit to achieve a nice colour, but by then you've applied too thick of a layer. I don't think Techno is worth the money, but Pixie is. Grade: A (Pixie) and C- (Techno).

The Sephora pencil in #506 is great. It's a silvery purple colour and is creamy and thick. I'm not sure if Sephora still sells these but I think it was around $8. They now have 12H Waterproof Jumbo Liners which I imagine are better in formula than the one I got. Grade: A

The Bonne Bell Pencil surprised me. I bought it because I was curious. I only bought one because it was around $5 and is shorter than most jumbo pencils. However, I found it to be creamy and pigmented. Grade: A

All of these (with the exception of WnW's Techno) work great as a base, if used sparingly. Use enough to get some colour onto your lid and you will decrease the chance that it will crease on you. Use over a primer and your eyeshadow will last even longer!

Brands of Jumbo Pencils I will review next:

  • Indulge (WalMart brand)
  • StyleEssentials (found at Winner's)
  • NYX
  • Quo
  • GOSH
  • Claire's

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