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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Performance Colors: ColorPots

Not too long ago, I did a comparison review in which I reviewed Buxom's cream eyeshadows and compared them to the Performance Colors ColorPots.

I loved the ColorPots so much that I asked Tiffany (the owner of Performance Colors) if I could purchase a sample size of every colour that she has developed so far so that I could try them out.

I've been using them for about a month now and the colours she has come up with are amazing! These cream eyeshadows make great bases, are very pigmented, and will prolong the wear of any eyeshadow that you pair them with. They also amplify the effect of your primer so that your eyeshadow will not crease for at least 10 hours (in my experience) and the colours will stay intense. They can also be worn on their own over a primer for a sheer and shimmery look.

She has a total of 33 colours, and they can be purchased from her store on Etsy

All 33 ColorPots! These are sample sizes and they each have the Performance Colors Label on the top and the bottom has the name of the colour on it. I like that the labels are clear so that you can see the colour of the eyeshadow inside!

The ColorPots (full-size) are about $5.00 U.S. ($5.19 Canadian as of Oct. 17, 2011) whereas the sample sizes (which are the size of all the ColorPots I'm reviewing) are $1.00 each and can be purchased in groups of 5.

*Etsy displays the price of each product in the currency of the country you live in. They are very good at keeping up with fluctuations in currency value, so if you are outside of the U.S., the price of each product may change day to day depending on its value.

All of the ColorPots are shimmery, while some have glitter. I'll address which ones have glitter, but keep in mind that with or without glitter, they are all shimmery :)

I've photographed the ColorPots by colour (as they appear in the container), and swatched them that way as well:

The first four colours are Cabernet, Crushed, Spanks and Babycakes.

Colours (left to right): Cabernet, Crushed, Spanks, Babycakes

Swatches (left to right): Cabernet, Crushed, Spanks, Babycakes

 I chose to group these colours together because they are red/copper based. I really like Cabernet because it is a rich burgundy-plum colour. It is extremely pigmented and can be a great base for any red, copper or burgundy eyeshadow. It has some shimmer, but no glitter. Crushed is a coppery-bronze colour, also with no glitter, but it is shimmery. Spanks is medium copper colour and of the same finish as the first two. Babycakes looks slightly coppery in the container, but when swatched, it is more pink-toned and appears to have a small amount of very fine silver sparkle in it.

Colours (left to right): Morocco, Champagne, Goldilocks
Morocco, Champagne, Goldilocks
Swatches (left to right): Morocco, Champagne, Goldilocks
These three colours are gold-based and a lot lighter in colour than the previous four. They are just as pigmented, but the colours are lighter. Morocco is kind of an old gold colour with lots of shimmer. It is my favourite one to use, and also one of the first ColorPots I purchased! Champagne is true to its name. Its a kind of soft white-gold colour, also with a lot of shimmer. Goldilocks is a bright gold colour. You can also think of it as a shimmery yellow.

Colours (left to right): Sugared Grape, Romeo, Silver Palms, Sage Sparkle, Khaki

Top (left to right): Sugared Grape, Romeo, Silver Palms
Bottom (left to right): Sage Sparkle, Khaki

Swatches (left to right): Sugared Grape, Romeo, Silver Palms, Sage Sparkle, Khaki
I grouped these five colours because they are green-based. Sugared Grape is a spring green colour with subtle, fine silver sparkle. A couple shades darker than Sugared Grape is Romeo which is a medium green with no glitter, but some shimmer. Silver Palms is a forest green, also with no glitter. Sage Sparkle is true to its name. It has some silver sparkle in it and is a light teal colour. Khaki is a combination of a dark green and brown. At first glance, it looks brown but in certain lights and up close, you can detect some of the green in it.

Colours (left to right): Plum Fairies, Steel Orchid, Farrah, Blue Frost, Cornflower

Top (left to right): Plum Fairies, Steel Orchid, Farrah
Bottom (left to right): Blue Frost, Cornflower

Swatches (left to right): Plum Fairies, Steel Orchid, Farrah, Blue Frost, Cornflower
These five colours are blue-based. Plum Fairies is an iridescent purple-blue colour. It is more sheer than densely pigmented so it is good if you want something dark, but not opaque. Steel Orchid is richly pigmented with no glitter and is a blue-grey colour. Farrah is a lighter blue colour with some grey in it and some sparkle as well. Blue Frost is a very shimmery baby blue colour, and Cornflower (which is my favourite of all the blue ColorPots) is an extremely rich and pigmented bright blue. I recommend this colour if you like blue eyeshadows!

Colours (left to right): Seafoam, Caribbean, Mermaid

Left to right: Seafoam, Caribbean, Mermaid

Swatches (top to bottom): Mermaid, Caribbean, Seafoam
These colours are kind of teal-based or a mix of blue and green. Mermaid is a dark teal colour with no sparkle. Caribbean is a lighter version of Mermaid, which is good if you want a classic teal-grey colour. Seafoam is the lightest of the group and contains some glitter. My favourite of this group is Caribbean because it is not too dark and not too light.

Colours (left to right): Raisin, Empress, Toffee

Left to right: Raisin, Empress, Toffee

Swatches (left to right): Raisin, Empress, Toffee
I grouped these together because they looked more brown-based in the containers. However, after swatching them, some of them were a little different than they appeared. Raisin is a nice chocolate brown colour with a hint of sparkle. Empress was most surprising to me because in the container, it appeared to be a golden brown colour, but when used, it becomes a gold green colour. Toffee is kind of the same way. It looks like a gold brown colour but when used, it becomes a  coppery-brown colour. I was pleased when swatching these because, although I didn't intend on it, these are perfect colours for fall!

I recommend getting Raisin, Empress and Toffee if you're looking for great autumn/fall colours :)

Colours (left to right): Velvet Talker, Princess, Perfection, Romance

Left to right: Velvet Talker, Princess, Perfection, Romance

Swatches (left to right): Velvet Talker, Princess, Perfection, Romance
My absolute favourite of these purple and pink ColorPots is Velvet Talker. It is a nice deep purple colour  with some very fine purple sparkle in it. Princess is a bright pastel purple with some light gold and silver sparkle in it. Perfection is half-way between baby pink and hot pink. It has some silver sparkle in it as well. Romance looks like a blend of Princess and Perfection, with the same sparkle. It can be a great colour to choose if you can't decide between Princess and Perfection!

Colours (left to right): Sparkles, Palladium, Sweetdreams, Smog, Black Pearl, Oilslick

Top (left to right): Sparkles, Palladium, Sweetdreams
Bottom (left to right): Smog, Black Pearl, Oilslick

Swatches: Sparkles, Palladium, Sweetdreams, Smog, Black Pearl, Oilslick
These last six colours are white, grey or black-based.  Sparkles is a true white with some silver sparkle in it. Palladium is a light grey with silver sparkle as well. Sweetdreams is a light purple-grey colour, also with silver sparkle. Smog is a shimmery dark grey colour and Black Pearl is a few shades darker and closer to black. Oilslick is a blue-black that is sort of like Plum Fairies in that it has some iridescence. Out of these six colours, Palladium is my favourite because it can enhance taupe eyeshadows, which is one of my favourite colours to wear.

I hope this review was helpful! All of the ColorPots behave the same when worn over a primer and topped with an eyeshadow. They all have the same texture (though the ones without sparkle may be slightly more smooth) and they are all very pigmented!

I hope that you'll check out Tiffany's store and her wonderful ColorPots! She also has some new Creamy Concealers (which she was kind enough to send me some samples of!) and I'll be reviewing those as well soon. 


Product: Performance Color's ColorPots
Price: $1 (samples), $5 (full size) (Performance Colors)
Grade: A+

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  1. I'm loving almost every one of these colors!
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