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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project Runway Eyeshadow

During a recent trip across the border to the U.S., I had a chance to pick up some makeup products that aren't available in Canada or haven't been released yet.

One of my favourite shows on TV right now is Project Runway and I was excited to see that L'Oreal had released a line based on the show!

I purchased one eyeshadow quad and a nail polish from Meijer. I forget how much they were, but they were around $7 each (the nail polish was $4 but I think it was on sale).

This quad is called Watchful Owl's Gaze. I've already used it quite a bit as you can tell!

The colours are a bit lighter in this picture, but you can see that it's a very neutral quad. The gold colour on the bottom left is very pigmented and metallic. 

This picture better captures the true colour of these shades.
 I think these eyeshadows are great! They are very pigmented and have a nice texture (kind of creamy and almost no fall out).

These are all very pigmented! My favourites are the first and third one (gold and black with gold shimmer)

I would recommend this quad if you want some great neutral colours that are also shiny and metallic!

You can check out the other colours that are available by clicking here.


Product: L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eyeshadow Quad- Limited Edition Project Runway in Watchful Owl's Gaze
Price: $7-8 (most stores that sell drug store makeup in the U.S.)
Grade: A
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