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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quo: Minerals Matter Eye Quad

I got this Eye Quad at Shopper's Drug Mart and I've only seen the Quo brand for sale there. I'm not sure if this is available in the U.S. but it is widely available in Canada (as Shopper's is a large drug store chain). 

I purchased it for $22 at Shopper's, and I was attracted to it because of its rich colours. I swatched the colours from the tester that they had and after testing it out several times on separate occasions, I finally gave in. 

Quo Mineral Matters Eye Quad in Downtown Brown

The packaging of this product is a little unusual. In the store, the tester had all four colours out at the top had been removed. I assume that it was just a basic lid of some sort and that taking off the lid would reveal all four colours. However, this was not the case.

First half of Downtown Brown
You can see from the photo above that one side of the lid lifts up to reveal two colours, and under that portion of the lid is a mirror. On this side, you can see that there is a nice taupe colour on the left and a deep brown colour on the right. Both have a satin finish.

The other side works the same way, but on this side we can see an orange/brown/bronze colour on the left and a yellow/gold/cream colour on the right. They are both satin finish as well. 

These eyeshadows are soft, but don't have too much fall out. They last a really long time over a primer and are very pigmented. The pans are fairly large, so you get quite a bit of product (which is good considering the price), and it doesn't hurt that there are two mirrors included. 

These come in other colour combinations which you can check out here.

The swatches can be found below:

Quo Minerals Eye Quad in Downtown Brown (individual colours do not have specific names)
I would recommend this palette if you're looking for some great, high-quality neutral shades for an affordable price. I consider these eyeshadows to be similar to MAC ones of the same finish as they are long-wearing, pigmented and blend very well. MAC eyeshadows are anywhere from $11-14 each, so with this quad, you're getting a good deal.

I'll be doing more reviews on eyeshadows as this Eyeshadow Review Series continues, and I'll be reviewing eyeshadows of similar quality that are even more inexpensive.

Check out a review of a Quo palette I did by clicking here.


Product: Quo's Mineral Matters Eye Quad in Downtown Brown
Price: $22 (Shopper's Drug Mart- Canada)
Grade: A

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