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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Style Essentials' Jumbo Eyeliners

This is another review in my Jumbo Eye Pencils Review Series. 

Today I'll be reviewing a brand called Style Essentials which is produced by a company called Almar Sales. It is a brand which I have only seen for sale at Winner's stores in Canada.

They were around $6.99 for the set, and so each pencil works out to be a little over $1 each.

These all come in a set and each colour is not given a specific name.

Swatches of each eyeliner pencil

Although not technically a Jumbo Eye Pencil (which is traditionally the name given for cream eyeshadows in pencil form), these eyeliners can still be used as such. They are a bit harder to work with as they are meant to be eyeliners (and are therefore hard in texture), but by lining your eyes with them and smudging the line out with a brush, you can get a get smokey lash line effect.

The pigmentation of these is pretty good, but I did have to build them up a bit in the swatches.

I feel like these could only work well as eyeliners if they were perfectly sharpened every time you used them. Otherwise, they would create too thick of a line. If the formulation were creamier, they would be great eyeshadow bases, and if the packaging were slimmer, they would make great eyeliners (though I imagine the hard texture of the product would cause some tugging of the eyelid).

Overall, I can't really recommend these because they do not function well in their intended purpose, and if used as an eyeshadow base, you'll need to really work with them.


Product: Style Essentials' Jumbo Eyeliners
Price: $6.99 for a set of 6 (Winner's)
Grade: C+
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