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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Baked Eyeshadows in Canada?

Kind of!

Wet n Wild typically doesn't sell a lot of their Limited Edition products in Canada, but I recently spotted a baked eyeshadow set at Shopper's Drug Mart that contains baked eyeshadows in the same packaging as the new Wet n Wild ones.

They were in a Color Institute set called "Get Baked!" and the entire set costs $24.99.

The small palettes at the top of the set look really similar to the new Wet n Wild ones. 

The set also comes with an eyeshadow base, 4 cream eyeshadows, 4 liquid liners, 4 shimmer sticks, 4 eyebrow pencils, a sharpener, 4 sponge tip applicators and a small brush. All for $24.99!

You can see that there are four palettes in this set, one in blue/white/black/silver, pink/taupe/silver, green/gold/brown and purple/bronze/brown.

Though the combinations of colours in the Color Institute palettes aren't the exact same as the Wet n Wild ones, there are many similarities. For example, Wet n Wild's blue palette has two marble shades and a peacock blue, while the Color Institute has one marble colour and a dark navy. All the other colours are the same. 

The other sets have a few colours that are different as well, but what I find interesting is that the Color Institute has another palette in the collection (the green one).

I found out that the Color Institute is part of the Marwins International company, which is the same company that owns Wet n Wild. This would explain why the packaging is the exact same (clear plastic lid) and why the colours are so similar.

If you live outside of the U.S. and have access to products from the Color Institute, keep an eye out for this set!

It ends up being cheaper than buying the Wet n Wild ones because they are $4.99 (in the U.S.) each, so all three would be about $15, but for $24, you can get four palettes plus all the other items in the set!

*I plan on going to the U.S. in a week or so, and if I can find the Wet n Wild palettes, I'll do a comparison review to see if these Color Institute palettes are the exact same in quality or not. Stay tuned!

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