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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes 06

These are baked cubes of eyeshadow from the Body Shop called Shimmer Cubes. This one is the Shimmer Cubes Palette 06. I bought it for $22 CDN.

Shimmer Cubes Palette 06

After you take the lid off, you can see that each colour has its own container and lid.

Here they are with their lids off.

This is what they look like out of their containers.

They're huge! Each cube contains 4g of product, but it looks like a lot more.
These eyeshadows are intended to be used while they are in their individual containers (so it's less messy), but I took them out so I could photograph how much product you get.

These can be used wet or dry, however, even dry, these have great pigmentation.

I swatched these by rubbing each cube onto my forearm. Of course, to apply these on your eyelids, you'll need a brush or you can use your finger, but you can achieve the same amount of pigmentation as I did in the swatches above.
Colours (left to right): Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow Honeycomb
I love these Shimmer Cubes! They are very pigmented and wear well over a primer. I also can't believe how much product it comes with! 4g doesn't sound like a lot, but these cubes are so big that they'll last a very long time.

Other palettes are available and though I couldn't find them on the Canada or US websites, I found them on the UK website which can be found by clicking here. I've seen these for sale in Canada, but I'm not sure about their availability in the U.S. If you've seen them in the States, let me know in the comment section! :D

I definitely recommend these Shimmer Cubes, especially if you're someone who likes wearing the same colours every day. Each palette comes with four colours that work well together, and with the amount of product you get, you'll be able to use it for a long time!

Product: The Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes
Price: $22 at The Body Shop
Grade: A


  1. Wow that's an interesting product, you can actually take the chunk of eyeshadow out.

    Saying hi from Etsy! Here's my blog:

  2. Wow that's a lot of product! And body shop's makeup products are pretty good too!