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Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Gift Idea #2: Too Faced's Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection

In a recent visit to Sephora, I purchased the Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection from Too Faced. I bought it for $65CDN ($52US) and it comes with 15 eyeshadows, a bronzer, 2 Full Bloom blushes, a highlighter and their famous Shadow Insurance primer in full size. It also comes with some cards that demonstrate how to achieve certain looks with the included products.

It is a rather large palette due to the elaborate packaging. The outer faces are thick cardboard cutouts which cover the inside packaging. Magnets hold the palette closed, and there is a bottom drawer (which contain the face products) that slides in snugly.

Colours (left to right):
Top Row: In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey
Middle Row: Satin Sheets, Cut the Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder
Bottom Row: Honeymoon, Label Whore, Nice Stems!, Cop a Teal, First Dance

Palette open and drawer pulled out.
The two blushes are called Cocoa Rose and Sweet Pink. The bronzer is called Chocolate Soleil and the highlighter is called Candlelight Glow
Unlike the Naked Palette, this palette contains a lot of bright colours. There are some neutral shades, but for the most part, they are brightly coloured and very shimmery. The face powders are a little toned down, however (I didn't swatch them because they are lightly pigmented and didn't show up too well on my skin when I tried to photograph them).

I swatched the colours on their own, and then over a primer. The first two are In the Buff, then Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey

Colours (left to right, without primer, with a primer): Satin Sheets, Cut the Cake, Party Girl

Colours (left to right, without primer, with a primer): Nice Ash, Smolder

Colours (left to right, without primer, with a primer): Honeymoon, Label Whore*, Nice Stems!
*this eyeshadow is a duo-chrome meaning that its colour appears different depending on how the light hits it. This colour is a red-brown but appears green-blue in certain lighting.

Colours (left to right, without primer, with a primer): Cop a Teal, First Dance
This palette contains eyeshadows of different finishes. In the Buff, Teddy Bear, Smolder and First Dance are all matte finish, while Cut the Cake is a satin finish. Peach Fuzz is matte with  a lot of fine orange glitter, Nice Ash is metallic and the rest are all very shimmery. They last a long time over the Shadow Insurance Primer and blend really well. Peach Fuzz has some fallout, but that's because of the glitter.

The bronzer in Chocolate Soleil is matte and buildable (meaning it is not too pigmented, but can be built up depending on how dark you want it). It also smells like chocolate!!

The blush in Cocoa Rose is matte and buildable as well, but the blush in Sweet Pink is bright and shimmery. The highlighter in Candlelight Glow is also shimmery and gives a soft glow to where ever you apply it.

Though I forgot to photograph the Shadow Insurance Primer, it does come with one in full size (which on its own is $25). I think that's what sold me on this palette because I needed a new primer and wanted to try Too Faced's Shadow Insurance. I thought that was too much to pay for just the primer, so I figured buying this Makeup Collection was cheaper in the long run since I was also looking at the Chocolate Soleil and some of the eyeshadows as well.

This was my first Too Faced purchase, and I'm glad I bought the set rather than the individual items because it is a cheaper way of trying out the brand, and it comes with a nice range of eyeshadows.

I think this would be a nice gift to give someone who enjoys bright colours and anything to do with fantasy. The packaging is colourful and glittery and not so bulky that it would be hard to store.

Product: Too Faced's Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection (Sephora)
Price: $65CDN/$52US
Grade: A+

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