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Monday, November 7, 2011

Hot Topic's Cream Eyeshadow

I posted a while ago that Hot Topic had a clearance sale on their Cream Eyeshadows that I had never seen before. I bought three, and here are the swatches of these very interesting cream eyeshadows.

*I'm not sure if these are still available, but they were so different that I decided to share!

The back of the packaging. Nail colour: L'Oreal's Owl's Night (290) from the Project Runway Collection




These are the craziest cream eyeshadows I have ever seen! The top is sprayed and spotted with a mousse-like cream and glitter is mixed in as well. Underneath is a cream eyeshadow, similar in texture to the E.L.F. Duo Eyeshadow Creams, though the Hot Topic ones are a bit thicker.



As you can see, these were difficult to swatch. I tried to swatch some of the mousse-creams (they are the swatches that are most pigmented, but also kind of 'patchy'), but it was very difficult to only get one colour. They were very thick and didn't blend too well. Of them all, the black one swatched the best because it didn't have as much glitter, and the two colours of mousse were similar in colour (black and grey). 

The 'base' cream (the cream underneath all the overspray) is one colour throughout, and so if you are/were a fan of the overspray, it would be short lived. However, if you're a fan of the base cream and not the overspray, it would be difficult getting it all off without wasting product or mixing the top colours with the base cream.

Testing them out, I found that wearing them on their own was a disaster. I put some on one eyelid, and then some on the other over a primer. Within minutes, both eyelids started creasing, but the one with the primer creased a lot quicker and became greasy-looking (I used a silicone-based primer, similar to a face primer).

I think if I were to use another primer, use a thin layer of this cream eyeshadow and top it with a powder, it might hold up a lot longer. 

Because these likely aren't available anymore, I won't grade it, but I will say that I wouldn't recommend these if you want something long-wearing.

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