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Saturday, November 5, 2011

NYX Single Eyeshadows

NYX (pronounced like 'nix', sometimes referred to as N.Y.X.) is a cosmetics company based out of the U.S.

It is very difficult to purchase in Canada as only one drug store chain (to my knowledge, anyways) sells it, and they only carry a few items from their line. I have e-mailed NYX (and Wet N' Wild) numerous times asking if they plan on expanding their line in Canada or making their new products available here, but haven't received a response.

Due to the lack of availability, I have been purchasing NYX products online and it actually is a lot cheaper than buying these products in the store. Stores like Beauty Joint and Cherry Culture sell NYX items at a discounted rate (sometimes 25%-30% less than the NYX website). They can do this because they buy directly from NYX in bulk and are able to price their items however they want.

One of the most popular NYX products are their single eyeshadows (over 160 colours!). They are often comparable to MAC eyeshadows, but they are much, much cheaper! You can get one of these eyeshadows for as low as $3.75 each. MAC eyeshadows are close to $20 each in Canada, so NYX can offer you the same quality for a fraction of the price! (Fun fact: MAC is a Canadian Company and was founded in Toronto, ON and the headquarters is still there! If you have any MAC products, check the label on it. It should say that it's made in Canada!)

These are the NYX eyeshadows that I have purchased so far:

Colours (top to bottom, left to right): Kiwi, High Light, Taupe Pearl, Smokie Mountain,  Golden Dune, Volcano, Flamingo, Sparkle Cedar, Peach Bronze, True Taupe, Golden Amber, Iced Mocha, Morocco

Colours (left to right): High Light, Sparkle Cedar, True Taupe, Flamingo, Iced Mocha, Taupe Pearl, Peach Bronze, Golden Dune, Volcano, Golden Amber

Colours (left to right): Morocco, Kiwi, Smokie Mountain
 You can see from the photos above that they are very pigmented. Most of them are very smooth and they wear wonderfully!

Not all the colours are the same finish, so it is important to look up swatches of the colours you are thinking of getting to make sure it's what you want (some are glittery or shimmery, matte, satin, frost, etc).

Cherry Culture has a great list of the colours and their various finishes.

Finishes of the colours that I have:

  • Highlight: Matte
  • Sparkle Cedar: Metallic/Shimmer, has glitter/sparkle
  • True Taupe: Matte
  • Flamingo: Sheer/Metallic
  • Iced Mocha: Metallic
  • Taupe Pearl: Metallic 
  • Peach Bronze: Metallic
  • Golden Dune: Metallic
  • Volcano: Shimmer
  • Golden Amber: Shimmer with fine glitter/sparkle
  • Morocco: Frosty/Shimmer
  • Kiwi: Frosty
  • Smokie Mountain: Shimmer with fine glitter/sparkle
My two favourites are Morocco and Golden Dune. Morocco is a colour for which I have searched a long time. Years ago, Wet N Wild released an eyeshadow palette where the colours were pressed into a floral shape. The one I got has white, black, grey and a deep purple. That purple was the only colour I have and I loved it! Since then I have bought many purple eyeshadows and none have come as close as Morocco has. Morocco is a lot better quality that my Wet N Wild one!

Golden Dune is a lot different. Morocco is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. With Golden Dune, you have to build it up a bit (the same goes for Smokie Mountain). It has a lot of microfine glitter in it, and this "breaks up" the eyeshadow. It just means that the pigment isn't bonding to itself because the glitter gets in the way. Golden Dune and Smokie Mountain are great colours, but you just have to work a bit more with them than you would with the others.

I like using High Light as my highlight colour, and I like using Iced Mocha on top of the Iced Mocha Jumbo Eye Pencil.

True Taupe is a great colour to use if you want a natural and subtle look. Using Taupe Pearl in your crease can help add definition to your eyes.

Sparkle Cedar has glitter in it (larger than the glitter in Golden Dune and Smokie Mountain) and so a bit of glitter fallout is to be expected. It doesn't have the same pigmentation issue as G.D. and S.M., but the glitter is large enough to fall out a bit throughout the day. 

All of the metallic colours are of the same texture and contain no glitter. They are the smoothest of them all and would look great if you want a bold look using neutral colours.

I think these are great eyeshadows for the price and I hope to purchase more soon! Are there any colours in particular that have caught your eye? Do you have a current favourite colour? Let me know in a comment! :)


Product: NYX Single Eyeshadows
Price: ~$3.75-$5.00 (Beauty Joint, Cherry Culture, NYX's website)
Grade: A+

NYX Single Eyeshadows Available on Amazon:

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  1. Great collection. I just recently bought a ton of NYX eyeshadows and I am really impressed with the quality.