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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GOSH Eye Shadow Palette: 22 Colours

I've been seeing this palette in the Shopper's Drug Mart flyer for weeks but could never find it in store. I saw it in the Boxing Day flyer (for 50% off) and figured I would try to find it again. I was lucky enough to find the last one in the store and I got it for $19.99. I'm not sure if this is still available but I thought I would post swatches in case future palettes are released (assuming they use the same formula in future palettes).

Without flash

With flash

Top row (with flash)

Top row (without flash)

Second row (without flash)

Second row (with flash)

Third row (without flash)

Third row (with flash)

Bottom row (without flash)

Bottom row (with flash)

This is definitely one of those palettes that looks better in the advertisements (which goes for the majority of products in general). They kind of look like baked eyeshadows on the box, but they're just regular pressed eyeshadows that come in a variety of finishes. I find that the metallic eyeshadows are harder to work with while the matte and satin finish ones are the easiest and most pigmented.

The colours are hit and miss and I don't think they're of the same formula as other GOSH eyeshadows (like the singles and quads).

I do however like the colours in the third row. The dark matte brown is amazing as well as many of the other matte and satin finish ones. I wish that they were all amazing but this is rarely the case in larger palettes like these from more expensive brands.

Product: Gosh Eye Shadow Palette 22 Colours
Price: $19.99 (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Grade: B (in terms of pigmentation, texture, etc. Haven't worn them yet, but they will definitely need a primer to get more out of the metallic eyeshadows)


  1. I love the Gosh packaging, it's so sleek :) These colours are really pretty as well! xo

  2. I like the third row shades too! :)

  3. I almost bought this palette! But I opted for a Quo palette instead. Thanks for the review. :)