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Friday, December 2, 2011

Hard Candy Eye Def Glitter & Metallic Eyeshadows

These were released a few months ago, but are still available at WalMart. They sell for about $6 each.

Colours (left to right): 327 Sequin, 331 Liar, 332 Ditch

Colours (left to right): 425 Crystal Palace, 427 Fake Bake

The brush inside is a doe-foot applicator, but more straight than angled. The texture is like that of a wet cream eyeshadow. The glitter shadows have a ton of glitter, while the metallic ones are shiny.

Colours (left to right): Sequin, Liar, Ditch, Crystal Palace, Fake Bake

Wearing these alone will be a disaster. Although they dry nicely, the formulation is a bit thick and it will crease and flake off. The metallic ones are a little easier, however.

The reason why I purchased more than one of these is because I like using the glitter ones as a liquid eyeliner. I just run an angled brush over the applicator and apply it like a gel eyeliner. Because it dries quickly, it is ideal for eyeliner.

As for the metallic ones, they could work as a sheer eyeshadow and they dry very quickly. I would recommend using a primer and seeing how they hold up as eyeshadows on your eyelids, but if they crease or flake, these could work well as highlight colours if you blend them out immediately. They last longer than powdered highlights, but you need to be careful with them because once they dry, they need to be removed with something water-based (face wipes, makeup remover, etc).

As eyeshadows, these are terrible, but as eyeliners, they are wonderful! The glitter ones  have enough glitter and pigmentation that they make great glitter liners that are also opaque.

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