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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow

These have been out for a while, but I waited to get them until I went across the border as these are about $10 each in Canada and about $5 in the US.

There were only two sets that caught my eye, Copper Spice and Steel Impressions.

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow
Copper Spice, Steel Impressions

Copper Spice, Steel Impressions (without flash)

Copper Spice, Steel Impressions (with flash)

Copper Spice swatches (with flash)

Copper Spice (without flash)

Steel Impressions (with flash)

Steel Impressions (without flash)

I thought I was going to be blown away by these, but I wasn't. I guess the "12 Hour" part of its name made them seem amazing.

The pigmentation is good, but the texture is a little 'dry'. What I mean by 'dry' is that they are kind of chalky and not creamy. These definitely don't last 12 hours, even with a primer, and this is true of many eyeshadows. Most eyeshadows will crease (even with a primer) after 8 hours, which is pretty long, but 12 hours is a bit of a stretch.

Of the two, I like Copper Spice the best because it's less chalky than Steel Impressions.

I'm glad I waited to get these until I went to the US because I definitely wouldn't purchase these at full price. I may try to see if there is a more shimmery set the next time I go across the border as I think they would be a bit more creamy than these satin finish eyeshadows.

Pigmentation: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Staying Power: 3/5
Price: $10 CAD/$5 US
Availability: WalMart, Shoppers Drug Mart
Repurchase: Maybe

Available on Amazon:


  1. Haha I just reviewed the Colorstay 16 Hour eyeshadow and I'm amused by the fact that they have a 12 hour version xD
    Do they increase by 4hour increments? is the next one to be released a 20 hour version? Did they start with a 4 hour version? heehee

    1. Lol, that's funny! I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a 20-24hr one, lol!

  2. Hey I gave you an award! Check it out! Love your blog:) <3

    1. Wow, thanks! I'm glad you like my blog! :)

  3. Great post! Ive always been a fan of Revlon, the pigmentation is great, but the lasting power is not amazing (but its do-able). I think for drugstore products they are great, and affordable! By the way i like your blog and am now a new follower!