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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEW at Shoppers Drug Mart: Essence Cosmetics

Essence (a German cosmetics company) is a new brand to Shoppers Drug Mart. It has been available in many countries for a long time, but has recently made its way to one of Canada's major drug store chains.

The packaging is colourful and fun which makes me think that it is targeted to teenagers. The prices are extremely reasonable as most of the products are under $5 and within the $2-3 range.

I decided to try a few of their products and after my trial of this brand, I'm definitely going to try out more of their products.

09 Get Ready! (shimmer effect)

02 Dance All Night (sparkling effect)

52 Olive Garden (shimmer)

58 Cappuccino, please! (shimmer effect)

06 Metropolitan (sparkling effect)

Swatches (without flash): Cappuccino, please!, Dance All Night, Olive Garden, Metropolitan, Get Ready!

Swatches (with flash): Cappuccino, please!, Dance All Night, Olive Garden, Metropolitan, Get Ready!

These eyeshadows are smooth, but not as soft as Wet n Wild eyeshadows. This means that there's less fall out, but they are a tiny bit more difficult to use. They are generously pigmented and finely milled. As with most eyeshadows, they rely on a primer to last all day and remain crease-free.

There are 18 colours in total in several finishes and ranging from neutral to bright in colour.

Some of the eyeshadows have an overspray which is a thin coating of glitter or sparkle that comes off after the first use. In the photos above, I've left the overspray on the stamped design on the eyeshadow so you can see what it looks like untouched, and I've swatched the flat side so you can see what it looks like when the overspray is gone.

Gel Eyeliner Brush

I love this brush! The bristles are stiff enough so that you can create a thin, straight line, but they are flexible enough that you can drag it across your lashline smoothly and easily.

Grade: A+

Smokey Eyes Brush (crease brush)
I consider this to be a small crease brush, which is great for detail work or if you have smaller eyes. It's not fluffy, but it's also not very stiff either.

Grade: A-

I <3 Rock Gloss Eye Pencil
 This is a soft and pigmented eyeliner that lives up to its name. It's very black and leaves a glossy finish. It doesn't completely set, but it lasts longer than most drug store eyeliners.

Grade: A-

Long Lasting Eye Pencil
Top: 14 Think Khaki
Bottom: 02 Hot Chocolate
These eye pencils aren't as pigmented as I'd like them to be, and they're also not as soft. They are difficult to blend, but if you apply it to your fingertip, it warms up enough so you can use it as an eyeshadow base.

Grade: B-

This is a great gel eyeliner. It lasts quite a long time and applies very easily. Dipping your brush into the product is easy as it has a creamy texture. It's very black and sets quickly making it wear for a long time.

Grade: A+

Swatches (left to right, flash off): 14 Think Khaki, 02 Hot Chocolate, Gloss Eye Pencil
Bottom: Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris

I think Essence will do very well in Canada and at Shoppers Drug Mart. They've already started to sell out of certain eyeshadow colours, which is a great sign. 

There are some baked eyeshadows, quads, nail polishes and other eyeliners that I would like to try out, as well as some blushes and bronzers.

Again, everything is under $5 and most are $2-3 each. I definitely recommend trying out this brand!

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  1. Timely swatches, thank you. I'm not normally drawn to browns/ taupes but Get Ready looks really good here. I am waiting for their LE displays now cause they are even more exciting

  2. Nice eye shadows! These seem like great products, thanks for sharing <3