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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Swatches of the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow Quads


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I was hoping to photograph these swatches when my DSLR is fixed, but I haven't been able to find the receipt.

I tried my best with my other camera, so here they are!

Each of the 8 eyeshadow quads is divided up into the shape of a Union Jack. The one photographed above is called 001 Black Cab. To view the rest of the colour combinations, click here.

Swatches of 001 Black Cab

Swatches of 002 English Oak

Swatches of 003 Royal Blue

Swatches of 004 Green Park

Swatches of 005 English Rose

Swatches of 006 Purple Reign

Swatches of 007 Heart of Gold

Swatches of 008 True Union Jack

These eyeshadows are pigmented and blend well, but they are difficult to use. The small triangular shapes are too small to get a standard sized eyeshadow brush into. I used a pencil brush to swatch these and even then, I ended up getting some of the other colours mixed in.

If you're looking to try Rimmel Glam Eyes Eyeshadows, I recommend the single eyeshadows as they are just as good in quality as these quads, but they are packaged in a practical way.

The colours in these quads are great, but it's unfortunate that not only are they difficult to get onto a brush, but they also don't contain very much of each colour except for the one in the middle.

Pigmentation: 4/5
Packaging: 2/5
Staying Power: 4/5
Price: $6-7
Availability: WalMart, Superstore (Canada), Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada)

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  1. I love ALL of them. I with the packaging was better tho :/

  2. I agree that the packaging looks tricky, but the design is so cool! If they were a bit bigger and more spread out maybe I'd try them!

    xoxo Alexa