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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warpaint Beauty (Hot Topic): Eyeshadow

These eyeshadows are available at Hot Topic for $4 each. I bought them while they were on sale for $1.99.

They are packaged in clear, round compacts that are lightweight. 

Top Row: Skinny Dip, Envy, Bruiser
Bottom Row: Destroyer, Start Here, Rich Bitch


Matte black base with tons of rainbow sparkle

Start Here

Matte finish
Creamy off-white/beige colour

Rich Bitch

Shimmery gold


Shimmery purple


Satin finish green colour

Skinny Dip

Matte finish Royal Blue colour

Swatches: Destroyer, Start Here, Rich Bitch

Swatches: Bruiser, Envy, Skinny Dip

The size of these eyeshadows is about the size of a poker chip, making them great value for your money. However, they are hit-and-miss quality-wise.

Each finish applies differently and each colour has a different amount of pigmentation.

Destroyer is a great sparkly black that I definitely recommend. It's matte with some rainbow sparkle which is just enough to keep the eyeshadow a matte finish, but enough that you can definitely see the sparkle. This will crease quite quickly unless you use an eye primer.

Start Here is completely matte with no shimmer or sparkle. This colour would make a great matte highlight colour, or a skin tone colour if you're light in skin tone. This will crease unless you use an eye primer.

Rich Bitch is a shimmery gold with little to no fall out. The pigmentation is all right- not the best, but you can make it work. Use a cream colour base or a primer to intensify the colour and to prevent it from creasing.

Bruiser is absolutely horrible and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you look closely at the swatch above, you can see that there is a ton of fall out which has gathered in the middle of the swatch and would fall right off if I moved my hand. The same goes for the entire swatch of this colour. This eyeshadow has absolutely no adhesive properties to the skin and can be rubbed off very easily and no pigment would remain.
*If you're looking for a purple eyeshadow similar in colour and price to Bruiser, I recommend the Wet n Wild 9 Pan palette in Petal Pusher which has many different shades of purple, plus one like Bruiser, or the NYX Single Eyeshadow in Morocco.

Envy isn't as bad as Bruiser, but I wouldn't recommend it either. It doesn't have too much fall out but the pigmentation is horrible. It's so bad that you can almost see each particle of the eyeshadow and the spaces in between. It adheres to the skin somewhat, but what's left is barely visible on the skin.
*If you're looking for a colour like Envy, I recommend the NYX Single Eyeshadow in Kiwi.

Skinny Dip is a colour that I would recommend. It's a completely matte royal blue (deep blue) colour that is generously pigmented and applies smoothly. Using a cream colour base or an eyeshadow primer will prevent it from creasing and intensify the colour.

Hopefully this review will help you choose which colours you might like to try from the Warpaint @ Hot Topic brand. As a general rule, it seems that the neutral colours are better than the bright ones, but this isn't always the case.

Though this brand is great value for your money, I recommend NYX and Essence Eyeshadows as an alternative. Overall, NYX and Essence make better eyeshadows at around the same price as the Warpaint ones. Hot Topic stores are also more difficult to find in Canada and internationally while NYX and Essence are more widely available.

Overall Grade of Warpaint Eyeshadows: B-

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