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Monday, April 9, 2012

GOSH Eyeshadows: Smokey Eyes Palette (Brown), Mono Eye Shadow (Brown)

Neutral and brown eyeshadows have been immensely popular recently. Urban Decay's Naked and Naked2 Palettes seem to be the epitome and most complete collection of neutral eyeshadows (according to many), however, there are many alternatives.

I own the Naked Palette and I use about 5 of the eyeshadows in the palette. The other ones I use from time to time, but they're not essential for me. 

I've come up with this combination from GOSH Cosmetics (a brand found at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) that comes with dupes for colours that I use on a regular basis.
GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette (02 Brown)
$18 at Shoppers Drug Mart (8g/0.3 oz)
The palette comes with four shades of brown. The ones in the middle are very close to the colours Naked and Buck from the Naked palette which are two of the ones I use most often. The top shade is very close to Virgin from the Naked Palette and the dark brown is great for defining and/or using as eyeliner.

The price per eyeshadow in the GOSH palette is $4.50 ($18/4) and for the Naked Palette, it's  about $4.20 ($50/12). Although the GOSH palette is a bit more expensive per eyeshadow, there are 2g of product per eyeshadow as opposed to the 1.3g per eyeshadow in the Naked Palette, which means the GOSH palette is cheapest overall. 

Mono Eye Shadow (003 Brown)
$12 at Shoppers Drug Mart (1.7g/0.1 oz)
This mono eyeshadow in Brown is very similar to NYX's Golden Amber which is one of my all-time favourites. However, Brown is less intense. Golden Amber is very very pigmented with lots of gold sparkle. Brown is a tiny bit lighter in colour and has less sparkle. This makes it more subtle and 'wearable'. 

In the Naked Palette, it's closest dupe is Smog.

Golden Amber ranges in price from $3.75 online to up to $7.99 in stores (Canada), but NYX products are very difficult to come by in my experience (I've only come across one Rexall that carries this brand). NYX single eyeshadows come with 2.7g of product.

GOSH's Brown is $12 at Shoppers Drug Mart which is almost double the price of the NYX dupe and it only comes with 1.7g of product. However, you can use some of your Optimum points to take off $10 to make this eyeshadow only $2. GOSH is almost more widely available than NYX.

Without primer

With primer

NYX's Golden Amber  over a primer (top) and by itself (bottom)

At most, this combination that I've come up with is $30 for a total of 9.7g of product, in comparison with the 5 eyeshadows that I use from the Naked Palette which total $21 for 6.5g of product.

GOSH therefore costs about $3.10 per gram of product, while Urban Decay costs about $3.25 per gram of product.

Not a huge difference, but if you do this type of math for other products you use, you'll be able to save some money and also purchase colours that you'll use rather than having  more than half of the colours sitting around being untouched.

Also, Shoppers Drug Mart is easier to access than Sephora (in most cases).

The quality of GOSH eyeshadows (when purchased separately and not part of a Holiday Set) are comparable to the matte Urban Decay eyeshadows. This is the only Mono Eye Shadow I've tried from GOSH (apart from the 2011 Holiday Set) and it's quite good as well.

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