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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Local Etsy Shops: Ontario, Canada

Etsy is an online network of independent shops which sell vintage and handmade items. Many of the items are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. I recently wrote about my Etsy Spring Picks featuring items from different shops.

In this post, I'll be featuring items from shops in my area. This will give you an idea of what types of items can be found in Ontario, Canada (which may be your local area as well). You'd be surprised at the variety of items that you can find in stores located near you. If you'd like me to feature Etsy shops from your area, leave a comment below :)

*I was not asked to feature any of these items. The following are items that I would purchase either for myself, or as gifts for others.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Mini Dandelion Necklace from TheCranberryCricket $22
Guelph, ON
I like the idea behind this necklace. I remember picking dandelions and blowing off the seeds as a kid. This necklace is a great and unique idea and something I have never seen done before!

Wristlet from Handmade Fun- $18
Mississauga, ON

Blue is a colour that I can't pull off, but it's a colour that really like. Blue accessories give a great pop of colour.
Recycled FREYA Purse (small) from Mariclaro $119
Toronto, ON
This purse is made from recycled materials. The strap is an old car seatbelt and parts of it are made from recycled upholstery. They also make bags that use old seatbelt buckles. Make sure to check out Mariclaro's shop!

Facial Scrub from Key Botanicals - $14
Toronto, ON
This is a Mandarin Orange Facial Scrub that looks like it can get the job done and make you smell great, too! The particles look large enough to actually do some exfoliating, but they're not so large that they scrape your face. Definitely looking forward to purchasing this in the future.

Soy Candle (chocolate scented) from The Pebble Tree $9.50
Barrie, ON
I've heard so many great things about soy candles. Not only do they burn 'cleaner' than other candles, but they also last longer! This Chocoholic candle sounds like it smells great.

Smokey Eyes Trio from Key Botanicals $14
Toronto, ON
These loose eyeshadows look like they will help you achieve the perfect smokey eye. The black colour looks rich and dark which is perfect for creating that smokey look.

Keep Calm and Sing Soft Kitty Scrabble Pendant from KennieBlossoms $6
Ottawa, ON
The saying on this pendant is inspired by the popular "Keep Calm and Carry On" quote, and the hit-show, The Big Bang Theory. This is a great gift to give a fan of either of those, and cat lovers alike. 

Handmade Soap Cake Favors from SoulFulSoapCa $75
Hamilton, ON
I think this is one of my absolute favourite items that I found locally on Etsy. It looks just like a chocolate cake! I think this would be great to display at a wedding or a shower, or even a birthday! Your guests can take a slice home before they leave.

Cupcake Soap Favors (25 cupcake soaps) from SoulFulSoapCa $75
Hamilton, ON
Similar to the cake above, these cupcakes are also great party favours. They'll be great to display at your party, and your guests can use them to decorate with after they've taken one home.

Sugarbush Vegan Lip Balm in Caramel Apple from KruKowski $3.75
Toronto, ON
This lip balm sounds like it smells amazing! I like that it's vegan, meaning none of the ingredients have been derived from animals. I also like how there are minimal ingredients, and ones that I've heard of before and know to be good for the skin (cocoa butter and aloe butter to name a few!)
Another apple scent here, but this time in the form of a Bath Bomb! Hot Apple Pie definitely sounds like a bath time scent to me. The 'icing' on top is a body soap, and the 'cupcake' part is a moisturizing bath fizzy.

Mixed Media Original - Butterfly Journey from Cranberry Cloud $44.95
Markham, ON
Etsy also has some great artists! I like this piece because it is both bright and dark at the same time, making it a great piece to display almost anywhere.

48x24 Original Modern Abstract Heavy Texture Impasto Acrylic Painting Landscape Tree Wall Decor "365 Days of Happiness" from QiQi Gallery $365.00

Cambridge, ON

This is another one of my favourite items that I found locally on Etsy. I really like art when it is displayed in pieces like this one. It's pricey, but I think it's worth it because each piece is done originally, so no two designs are identical.

Steampunk Compact Mirror from The Painted Epoxy $35
Waterloo, ON
I think this mirror is both simple and complex. If you look at it quickly, it looks elegant, but if you look closer, you can see the complexity of the gears.

Modern Wood Bench "Rootsy" series from StudioLicious $1,575
Caledon, ON
I really like how the legs of the bench look like roots holding it in the ground, but they also look like branches as well. I love the shadows the legs create as well. Pricey, but worth it if you have the money and are into this sort of thing. This is one of those items that I'll have to love from afar!

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  1. I love etsy. You can get so many cute things on there and you're supporting small businesses. I love that necklace btw.

    Boston Princess

  2. Thanks for the inclusion! Great article

  3. Wonderful! I love all these picks and I've now been introduced to great bath&body products now thanks to you! (it's always hard ordering them from my US friends - sometimes the shipping prices are HIGH)..
    Thanks so much for the feature of my compact, it's an honour to be included :)

  4. Nice!
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