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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

North American Hemp Co. Review

The North American Hemp Co. is a company which carries products that contain ingredients derived from hemp. I've seen products from this line for sale at Rexall (a Canadian drug store) and Fortinos (a Canadian grocery store). You can find these products at Duane Reade stores in the US or online on and CVS.

Their products are cruelty free and made with Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and most (if not all) are free of sulphates, parabens and DEA.

I purchased the following products on sale at Rexall, but they are regularly $9.99 each.
The ones I have are skin, foot and bath products, but I'd be interested in trying their hair and face products as well!

L-R: Hemp Husk Exfoliating Scrub, Hemp Hand Wash, No Sweat Liquid Foot Powder, Bubble & Bubble Foaming Bath, Organic Oil Au Naturelle Unscented Body Oil, Soothing Soak Bath Oil, Put Your Feet Up Foot Massage Oil, Omega Soak Foaming Bath, Hemp Heel Helper Foot Lotion

"Slough away dry dead skin cells with this daily body polisher that exfoliates to reveal a healthier, more radiant new you. Its rich lather, & hemp seed husks wash away pollution and oily build-up while essential fatty acids restore your skin's natural moisture balance, so you're off to a fresh start."

This body scrub uses hemp husks as the exfoliating ingredient. They are larger than the types of granules found in many body scrubs, but smaller than sea salt. You can definitely feel the hemp husks, but when you use this body scrub, it won't feel as if you're using sand paper on your skin. It has a pleasant smell which I describe as being a combination of dark chocolate and fruit. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

"Bring a soothing aromatherapy spa session to your next bath time. This restorative bath oil enhances your bath experience with all-natural essences to calm frazzled nerves, relax stressed-out muscles, and inspire thoughts of rest and rejuvenation. Your skin will thank you too as Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids improves skin's hydration, leaving you with silky smooth skin and a soothing fragrance that enhances sleep-time."

This Bath Oil contains Certified Organic hemp seed oil, the benefits of which can be found by clicking here. It has a slight earthy scent with subtle sweet undertones. What I like most about this product is that the main ingredient is hemp seed oil, followed by sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, fruit oil and natural flavour.   I like when the ingredients list is short and free of harsh chemicals or ingredients which I have never heard of. I like applying this directly to my skin in small amounts. It isn't greasy and is absorbed quite quickly.

"Melt away your foot aches and stress with this exceptional warming massage oil. Massage effectively relaxes muscles ... and improves skin texture by stimulating blood flow to skin's surface. Put Up Your Feet goes further to soothe tired muscles with its warming capsicum fruit extracts while Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil penetrates skin to relieve dryness."

I like using this to hydrate the skin on my feet. The warming sensation combined with the mint scent will help you relax as you rest your feet. Similar to the bath oil, this product uses few ingredients, the first being hemp seed oil, followed by several other oils. It's noticeably greasier than the body oil, but not overwhelmingly so. 

"Say farewell to desert-like dry skin. You've discovered a unique body super-moisturizer. This light-weight, non-greasy formula enriched with Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil nourishes skin to strengthen its natural resilience while Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids restore youthful skin tone and radiance. Your skin instantly feels silky smooth and glowing with vitality."

This body oil has a very slight scent to it, likely the natural scent of the hemp seed oil, but it's only detectable if your nose is right up to it, and it fades away after it has been absorbed into the skin. It's not greasy at all and will hydrate your skin right away. I used this during the winter months when my hands were extremely dry, and my skin was looking and feeling better within a day. A couple days later, and my dry skin had completely healed. This is definitely a result of the hemp seed oil, along with the other oils present in this product. Like the other body and bath oils, the only ingredients are several types of oil (hemp seed, sunflower seed, sesame, coconut, fruit, orange).

"Perfect for frequent use, Hemp Hand Wash has a moisturizing lather rich in all-natural grape seed extract and bearberry, to quickly eliminate dirt, oil and germs while keeping your hands soft, smooth and lightly scented with orange oil, and all natural extracts."

I use this product as I wash my hands often. Other soaps I've used have dried out my hands quite quickly, while this one leaves them soft after every use. It smells sweet, like dark chocolate and berries, and it contains less ingredients than a regular hand soap. It is made with hemp seed oil, green tea extract, bearberry extract and more, along with glycerin and other soap ingredients.
This is my favourite product of the ones I have so far.

"This ingenious final step in your sockless summer foot care regime [will] keep your feet soft and comfortable. All-natural capsicum fruit extracts warm feet to soothe away stress from daily walking and standing. Finally this amazing formula dries to a powder to absorb foot wetness and odour to keep your feet fresh for a superb sandal-filled summer."

I had a bit of trouble with this product, mainly to do with the packaging. It dispenses through a pump, which wasn't working very well. I decided to open the bottle by unscrewing the pump and discovered that the pump was stuck at the bottom. I assume it was stuck in the powder ingredient (tapioca starch) which had settled to the bottom. This had made it difficult for me to use as vigorous shaking has not helped. I tried what I could of this product, though I know I wasn't experiencing the full effect while the tapioca starch was stuck at the bottom. It smells of mint and does produce a warming effect, like the foot massage oil, but it evaporated quickly. It did make my feel feel drier (I think as a result of the remaining tapioca starch still mixed in with the liquid), but I didn't notice anything else.

"Let the stress of the day float away on a cloud of aromatic bubbles. This exclusive bath foam improves your bath experience with all natural essences to relieve your stress, relax your tired muscles and inspire memories of carefree vacations. Your skin is further improved as Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential acids penetrate skin. You're left with noticeably hydrated and softer silkier skin and a light fragrance that reminds you to relax and go."

I use this after body wash to replenish some moisture into my skin. The oils and extracts act like they do in the body oils and will replace the moisture that regular soap has taken away. The smell is earthy, but not powerful. It creates a rich lather and lots of bubbles.

"[Use this] moisturizing step in your effective foot care regime to keep your feet soft, healthy & comfortable. All-natural capsicum fruit extracts soothe your tired feet muscles to refresh and reinvigorate. Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil penetrates the skin for deep down moisturizing that eliminates dryness."

Hemp Seed Oil and shea butter some of the main ingredients in this foot lotion. It smells of peppermint and won't leave your skin feeling greasy. Skin feels smooth immediately after use and the light smell of peppermint lingers for a short while. I use this on my hands as well if they're getting dry because it's thick and not greasy at all (while the oils, while not greasy, still feel slightly oily). 

"Let the worries of the day drift off on a cloud of aromatic bubbles. This comprehensive bath foam improves your bath experience with all natural essences to refresh your mind, reinvigorate your body and reawaken ideas of night-time excitement. Your skin is further improved as Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential acids penetrate the skin [and] you're left with noticeably hydrated and softer silkier skin and a light fragrance that reminds you to seize the moment."

I use this the same way I use the Omega Soak. This has that chocolate and berries scent to it, though it's more on the sweet berry side. It works the same way as the Omega Soak and the only difference I can see is the smell. I prefer the scent of this one.

Overall, I think this brand is amazing. I've seen their products around for quite some time, meaning they've been creating all natural products for a while.

The North American Hemp Co. uses natural oils and extracts and sometimes those are the only ingredients. I like that I know exactly what's in their products without being overwhelmed by a long list of ingredients, or ones of which I've never heard.

I definitely recommend any of their products if you can find them.

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