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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ultraflesh - Black Magic: The Ultimate Jet Black Eyeliner Collection

During a recent trip to Winner's, I found the Ultraflesh Black Magic Eyeliner Set which I've been wanting to try out for a long time. I got it for $7.99 which is quite a discount considering it's regularly $39 at Sephora (now on sale for $20.00).

Ultraflesh - Black Magic: The Ultimate Jet Black Eyeliner Collection
$20 at Sephora, $7.99 at Winners (Canada)

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There are three levels/tiers. Each level contains a different type of eyeliner. The first level has a matte and shimmery pressed powder eyeshadow/liner. The matte one appears rich and dark while the shimmery one has gold sparkle.

In this photo, I've slid the cover back on top of the powder liners and revealed the second level. This level contains a black gel eyeliner and angled eyeliner brush.

This is the bottom/third level which contains a shimmery black eyeliner and a regular black eyeliner.

You can open all the levels at once if you like. In this photo, you can see the angled eyeliner brush.

Left to right: matte eyeshadow/liner, shimmery eyeshadow/liner, gel eyeliner with matte on top, gel eyeliner with shimmer on top.

From the above photo, it's quite clear that the pressed powder liners are not very pigmented at all. However, if used wet/over a gel eyeliner, it can make it darker and set it in place.

Left to right: gel eyeliner, blended gel eyeliner, shimmer eyeliner pencil, shimmer eyeliner pencil blended, black eyeliner pencil, black eyeliner pencil blended
The gel eyeliner and the shimmer eyeliner pencil are very good quality. You can see from the above swatches that the gel eyeliner had already started to set before I blended it out. The shimmer eyeliner pencil does contain a lot of shimmer and blends well. The regular eyeliner is good, but blends almost to nothing. I think this may have been intentional so that the set contains an eyeliner that can be slightly blended out to give a soft smokey look.

I think this is a great set to have if you're always on-the-go. Even at Sephora's $20 price tag, I'd purchase this because it's small enough to carry around, but large enough not to get lost in your bag. I like that it has a variety of eyeliners, as well as a variety in pigmentation.

I wish the powder eyeliners were much more pigmented, though. However, they work well when topped over a gel/cream eyeliner.

Have you tried this or anything from Ultraflesh before?

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  1. I wish I had a winners here in Boston, MA!! great blog, love your reviews! Xxx