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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maybelline Expert Wear Shadow Duo in Sunkissed Olive

Maybelline Modern Metallics Duo in 90D Sunkissed Olive
$3.94 at Target US

I think these colours go well together and I thought they would go nicely with my olive/tan skin tone.

Swatches (no flash)
The pigmentation is great, as is the texture. However, the lighter shade looks ashy on my skin (but this ashiness didn't pick up on camera). The olive colour comes off as more grey than olive as well. 

Swatches with flash
I think this duo will work better for me in the winter when my skin is much lighter.
All things considered, this is a great duo. I've tried to purchase it a few times but they were always sold out. I think it's one of their most popular duos!

I'm not sure if this is available in Canada (I've only seen the Maybelline singles and quads). Target is coming to Canada soon so I can only hope that we'll get a ton of new products!

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