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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Statement Necklaces - AliExpress

Statement necklaces have been very popular recently and I don't see this trend going away anytime soon! They're a great way to dress up your casual outfits and they can add something special to business or formal wear. I've seen some amazing statement necklaces at Forever 21 for $12-$20 and that's such a great price compared to other stores selling them for $30+.

I recently heard about a few online stores that sell these same necklaces for much cheaper and I thought I would share those stores with you!

The first one is AliExpress. I heard about this site while I was at an Etsy convention. I found so many great statement necklaces on there and I recently purchased some. They are coming from China, so they will likely arrive in 3-4 weeks. Most items had free shipping. Make sure to check whether each seller has a minimum purchase amount and also make sure that the price is for one item only. They sell items in lots as well. Here are photos of and links to the ones I purchased:

This was only $3.74 when I bought it! It's available in an assortment of colours. Click here to view it on Ali Express.

As I have yet to receive these in the mail, I can't say much about the quality, but I will say that I've seen some of these exact pieces in stores and the quality is quite good for the money.

I've really been loving aqua recently! I like the rough texture of this necklace. It was on sale for $5.54 on Ali Express when I bought it.

Apparently I can't get enough blue! Click here to see it on AliExpress!

I thought I'd change things up a bit with this hot pink one! It's around $3 right now!

Mint green is perfect for spring and summer. This necklace is around $3 on AliExpress.

A little more subtle, this necklace has gold roses and peach and crystal accents. Only $4.50 on AliExpress.

Another more subtle statement necklace, this one features a gold braid embellished with crystals. $2 on AliExpress

I think this is a great 'starter' statement necklace! It's also a steal at $2.50 and comes in a variety of colours!

I'll post photos of these when I receive them! I'm really hoping they're decent quality, but for the price, I don't think I'll mind doing some repairs on my own if they break!

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