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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tars


I received the (currently sold out) Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) and the Clear Lip Tar Primer for my birthday.

The set comes with 5 Lip Tars in the shades:

  • Pretty Boy
  • Melange
  • Vintage
  • Stalker
  • Grandma

While the set may be unavailable at the moment, each colour is available individually:

In addition to being available on Amazon, these are also available from, and

All Lip Tars are vegan meaning that none of the ingredients used were tested on or derived from animals. They all have peppermint oil which gives them both a minty taste and scent. They come in a variety of colours and are meant to be mixed to create colours of your own. The Lip Tars in this set do not contain shimmer or glitter.

Instructions on the back of the packaging.

Lip Tar shades (L-R): Pretty Boy, Melange, Vintage, Stalker, Grandma, Clear

Lip Tars (L-R): Clear, Melange, Grandma, Pretty Boy, Stalker, Vintage
The Set came with a full-size lip brush while the Clear Lip Tar (and all single Lip Tars) came with a mini version.
I arranged the Lip Tars from lightest to darkest in this photo and in the folowing swatches.

Clear Lip Tar
According to OCC: "Prime lips with OCC 'clear' Lip Tar and allow to absorb. Dab the tiniest bead of Lip Tar onto the tip of the brush. Apply Lip Tar to the center of the lips and blend outward to the lip line. Top with 'clear' Lip Tar if additional sheen is desired."
'Clear' is mint-flavoured.

Melange Lip Tar
This is the most 'wearable' colour in the set. It's a couple shades darker than a nude colour and has a bit of a peach tone.

Pretty Boy Lip Tar
Pretty Boy is a hot pink and a bit darker than the signature 'Barbie' colour. 

Stalker Lip Tar
Stalker is a bright cherry red that is more pink than a true red.

Grandma Lip Tar
The name for this Lip Tar is perfect! It's a colour that I can see almost any grandma wearing. It's a pinky coral colour, almost salmon.

Vintage Lip Tar
Vintage is a vampy dark red with hints of burgundy and brown. 

I put varying pea-sized amounts of each lip tar on my forearm to demonstrate the pigmentation of these Lip Tars. From left to right: Melange, Grandma, Pretty Boy, Stalker, Vintage and Clear

As you can see, these are very pigmented! Everything you've heard about only needing the tiniest amount is definitely true. These swatches were thick and could have been blended further if I had more arm space. 

I definitely recommend any of these Lip Tars if you are interested in trying them. They seem like a lot of money at $16.00US/$19.00CAD but because you only need to use a tiny amount, one will last you a very long time.

I don't think that the Clear Lip Tar is necessary, but it is a nice product. I will say that exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub (or some sugar and a bit of olive oil) is necessary (as chapped lips will look more pronounced while wearing a lip product). Remember to apply lip balm after exfoliating, too. This will essentially work the same as applying the Clear Lip Tar.

As for the longevity of Lip Tars, I tried them out a few days ago and after applying a little too much of Pretty Boy, I wiped it off with some tissue. While much of the brightness disappeared, I was left with just a tint of pink, which is what I was trying to achieve. That being said, these will stain your lips (or anywhere you swatch them) so I'd recommend applying them with care.

I did notice that when I wore the lighter colours, the colour faded significantly after eating and drinking.

Will I purchase more Lip Tars? Probably! They've just come out with a new Metallic line of Lip Tars.


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