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Monday, October 10, 2011

NYX: The Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow

I really love NYX Cosmetics, and these are some of their new eyeshadows. They are called The Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow, and I purchased them from Beauty Joint for $5.25 each. I got them in the colours Black Pearl and Bronze Pearl and the other colours available can be found here

It was difficult to tell from the pictures on the website what these eyeshadows would be like, so I thought I would just purchase two in case I didn't really like them. This turned out to be a good decision. I usually really like NYX's products, especially their Single Eyeshadows (review on those to come), but these disappointed me. The name "Pearl" suggested to me that these would be pearly in colour; sort of iridescent and sheer with a satin finish. But that isn't exactly how they turned out to be. 

Colours (left to right): Black Pearl, Bronze Pearl

You can tell from the above picture that these look pearly in colour, but you can also see a lot of fine glitter has been added. Though these eyeshadows are smooth to the touch, the glitter ruined them for me. In my opinion, they would have been a lot better without the glitter.

The description of these eyeshadows as found on Beauty Joint's website is as follows:

Pearl eyeshadows packed in a quilted powder compact. Highly pigmented shades impart a soft, shimmery, iridescent look. Easy to blend and great for highlighting!

Unfortunately, there is no mention of glitter in the description. In fact, the description perfectly describes what I imagined these to be from reading the product's name. 

Here are the swatches:

Colours (left to right): Black Pearl, Bronze Pearl
They apply nicely, but because of the glitter, it can create some fallout.

The packaging is nice (as most NYX packaging often is), but again, I'm just not a fan of the glitter.


Product: NYX's The Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow
Price: $5.25 (
Grade: C

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