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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coastal Scents Smokey Palette Review

I ordered this palette when I ordered the 252 Ultimate Palette. I got the Smokey Palette for $11.97 on sale (regular $19.95).

Click here to see how my palettes were carefully packaged. Everything I ordered arrived perfectly with no damage.

Front of outer cardboard sleeve.

Back of outer cardboard sleeve with ingredients.

Front of palette

Close up of all 36 eyeshadows. They look like the same size as the Hot Pots, but they're actually smaller (about the size of a nickel). 

The following are swatches of each group or set of eyeshadows. As you can see, starting from the top left, there is a group of 6 neutrals (gold, copper, bronze), then a group of greens and purples. On the bottom from left to right, there are groups of silver, greys & black, blues and pinks.

The third colour in this group barely showed up on my skin, while the rest were somewhat sheer.

I had trouble working with most of these colours.

This group was all right, but the colour on the far right was terrible.

This group is the most pigmented and blendable. I like that there is a mixture of warm and cool colours.

The shimmery shades in this group were nice, but the matte one (second from the right) was just okay. The 3rd from the right is a unique colour (sky blue with gold shimmer).

This group is great if you like pink!

This palette is very hit and miss. Some of the shimmery shades are very good, but some aren't so great. The same is true of the matte and satin finish eyeshadows. In general, I found the bottom left silver/grey set to be the best pigmentation-wise.

These all need a primer and are definitely good eyeshadows when used with one. Their intensity is a bit below average, but this is great if you only want a hint of colour.

If you have any colourful palette at all, I'd say to skip this one. It's not terrible, but I've tried better. However, if it's on sale and you're interested in some of the decent-quality colours in this palette, it may be worth it to try, especially if you like the looks of the smokey colours!


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  2. This palette looks amazing! :)