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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marcelle's Fantasia Eye Shadow Quad Palette

I posted a picture of this eyeshadow quad in my recent post about new holiday products at Shopper's Drug Mart. This is from a brand called Marcelle (from the same company as Annabelle Cosmetics) and is available at Shopper's Drug Mart in Canada. It is a Canadian brand and has released this quad quite recently. I purchased it for $15.95 CDN. 

UPDATE: 09/12/11 I saw this on sale at Shoppers for ~$11. 

These eyeshadows immediately caught my attention because of the pattern on the top. They also have a thin overspray on top that comes off easily after the first use. The colours don't have individual names, but the entire quad is called 'Fairytale Mix'

You can easily see the pattern on the last three colours, but the one on the far left didn't photograph too well (it also has the same swirly pattern on it)
I think $15.95 is way too much to be charging for this palette. Though it looks fun, the swirly pattern is easily wiped away after the first couple of uses, as is the shiny overspray.

Each colour was swatched twice, first with a primer and then without. They are in the order of how they appear in the palette, from left to right.
From the swatches above, you can tell that these eyeshadows are horrible on their own. They are chalky and not very pigmented and require a lot of work. However, with a primer, I would say that they are average quality.

I don't think this quad is worth more than $5, especially since it's kind of a weird colour combination and the quality isn't the best (when worn on their own).

Although the eyeshadows are average, even with a primer, the brush it comes with isn't too bad. On one end, it is a sponge tip applicator and on the other end, it has a soft little shader brush.

Product: Marcelle's Fantasia Eye Shadow Quad Palette in Fairytale Mix (Shopper's Drug Mart)
Price: $15.95 CDN
Grade: C

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