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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Body Shop: Single Eye Colours

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The Body Shop is always having great deals and sales and recently I took advantage of their Buy 3 get 2 Free sale! I bought these three eyeshadows, and got two free products which I will review at another time. These eyeshadows are $8 each at The Body Shop and come in many natural colours

Colours (left to right): Golden Meadow (pearl shade), Pebble Grey (matte), Chocolate (pearl shade)
I like that these eyeshadows are named according to their finish which is helpful if you're buying these online or don't want to swatch them in the store.

The packaging is a little cheap. You can tell that they are made out of cheap plastic, but I haven't had any problems with the packaging so far. They are not bulky at all and they are the perfect size for travel.

Colours (left to right): Golden Meadow, Pebble Grey, Chocolate
You can tell that these are in metal pans and because of this, they can be "depotted" which just means that the metal pan is taken out of the plastic outer packaging so that you can place the actual eyeshadow pan in a palette. Some techniques of "depotting" involve using heat (like placing the eyeshadow over a flatiron to melt the glue), but this can often be a bit dangerous or messy, so here's a 'no heat' tutorial in case you're interested in this.

The actual eyeshadows are very nice. They are soft and apply well, blend easily and last a long time over a primer. 

My favourite is the colour Golden Meadow as it's a colour I have never seen before. The photos don't really do it justice, however. It kind of looks like a light green colour at first, but as you work with it, you'll notice hints of gold, yellow, silver and even a tiny bit of blue. If you're going to buy just one of these eyeshadows, I would recommend Golden Meadow just because it's unique!

The other two colours I got were just average, but out of the two, Chocolate would be my favourite because it's a silvery brown colour that I likely don't have anything really similar to it.

Here are the swatches:

Colours (left to right): Golden Meadow, Pebble Grey, Chocolate
I think if you're looking for affordable, high quality eyeshadows that are unique, these ones from The Body Shop are great!


Product: The Body Shop's Eye Colours
Price: $8 (The Body Shop)
Grade: A
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