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Monday, September 5, 2011

E.L.F.'s Studio Bronzers

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E.L.F. ( makes great bronzers! They aren't my favourite, but they work. At just $3 each, these make a great product for anyone who wants a great starter bronzer, or something to expand their collection with. 

The packaging is great. It's just like that of the E.L.F. Blushes, but bigger. The mirror is also quite large as well. 

Colours (left to right): Golden Bronzer, Warm Bronzer

These bronzers come in 3 "sets", Golden, Warm and Cool. I have Golden and Warm because they both suit my skin tone well (for pictures of the Cool Bronzer, check the E.L.F. website) You'll notice that each bronzer has four different shades. The idea behind this is that you swirl your brush through these four colours in a circular motion (lightly, and just a few circulations) and you'll pick up a nice mix of the colours. However, they also give you the option of using these colours separately. They also work great as eyeshadows!

Colours (left to right): Golden bronzer (all four shades mixed), Warm bronzer (all four shades mixed)

These bronzers have some shimmer in them, so they are not completely matte, but they aren't overly shimmery either. You can see that the pigmentation isn't horrible; in fact, it has just the right amount of pigmentation if you only want a touch of colour.

I think this is a great product to have for those days that you want to look more natural, but with a bit of definition and colour.


Product: E.L.F.'s Studio Bronzer
Price: $3 (
Grade: B

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