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Monday, October 24, 2011

Asian Grocery Store: Facial Puffs

I recently went to an Asian grocery store in Toronto called T&T. I usually purchase my My Beauty Diary masks there (they also sell great sushi that is made in store!).

Right beside the face masks, I found boxes of facial puffs for only $2. I was thinking they were the kind that you run under water and bubbles start foaming so that you can cleanse your face. Since the only English words on the box were "Facial" and "Puffs", I couldn't figure out what they really were. I ended up buying a few boxes (as they were only $2!) and though I was disappointed to find out that they weren't cleansing cloths, I was still pleased with them.

Comes with 180 puffs.

Looks like a tissue box!

This is the one I opened. The only two box colours they had were the baby blue one pictured previously, and this light yellow one. You can see that the 'puffs' are a light pink colour.

Here are what the puffs look line. On the bottom is a full-size puff and on the top is one I cut in half.

I figured out that these puffs are to be used in place of cotton balls and cotton pads. These puffs are soft and don't leave behind lint or strands. They don't have any sort of product on them and don't foam when water is added.

They can be used to remove nail polish, to apply toner or moisturizer to your face, to cleanse your face with facial cleanser, or any other purpose that would involve a cotton ball/pad! I've used these a few times already and they feel nice on the skin and don't leave behind any strands/lint.

I like that these are thinner than cotton pads and therefore soak up less product. It soaks up as much as you intend on applying to your face or nails.

I definitely recommend these if you can find them!


Product: Facial Puffs
Price: $2 (T&T Supermarket)
Grade: A+

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