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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indulge's Be Bold Eye Crayons

The next brand in my Jumbo Pencil Review Series is Indulge. I believe this is a Canadian brand which is primarily found at WalMart. I purchased these in packages of 2 for around $2.50 each. So each pencil works out to be around $1.25 each. 

Each duo is given a name, and both colours share it. One colour is named "A" and the other is "B", followed by the name of the duo.

Colours (top to bottom): B Identity, A Identity, A Psyche, B Alive, A Alive, B Psyche

Colours (left to right): B Identity, B Psyche, A Identity, A Psyche, A Alive, B Alive

The reason the swatches are not presented in the correct pairs is because some of the labels are missing, so I looked online after taking the pictures for the correct colour pairs.

I think these Eye Crayons are a great deal! Although they are not as richly pigmented as other brands, they still do the job. Applying a thin layer as a base for your eyeshadows will make the colour more intense, but wearing them on their own might be a disaster. They will definitely crease if you wear them alone, even over a primer.

These are great as gifts, or as starter eyeshadow bases. They are also the only jumbo pencils I have seen that 'twist-up' meaning that you don't have to sharpen them! They work the same way as automatic eyeliners.

The only thing I really don't like is that the caps tend to crack fairly easily. You can see these cracks in the caps in the first picture. I feel like one day they will just crumble away.

This can be fixed by putting tape around the base of the cap, but I haven't gotten around to do that yet!


Product: Indulge's Be Bold Eye Crayons (All colours)
Price: $2.50 for a pair (WalMart Canada)
Grade: B-
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